Silicosis Crisis: The Deadly Threat to California's Countertop Workers"

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Fill in somSilicosis epidemic impacting countertop workers in California. Young Latino immigrants are at risk due to their work with engineered stone. Incurable disease causing lung damage and early deaths.

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Silent Killer Strikes Early

Workers in their 20s, 30s, and 40s affected. Disease progression much faster than in the past. Lack of awareness among workers.

Outreach Efforts

Fill in Maria Cabrera and Claudia Vasquez educate workers about the dangers. Emphasis on using wet saws, proper respirators, and safety measuressome text

High Risk in the Industry

Up to 848 workers in California may develop silicosis. Potential for 161 fatalities. Los Angeles County considers banning high-silica engineered stone.

Industry Response

Fill in some Debate over whether material or non-compliance with regulations is the issue. Calls for stricter enforcement of existing safety standards.text

Workers' Realities

Workers' Realities:

Personal stories like Leobardo Segura Meza highlight the urgency. Silicosis is a genuine and deadly threat demanding immediate action.

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