Tyson Fury involved in row with neighbors as details emerge ahead of clash with Oleksandr Usyk

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Tyson Fury involved in row with neighbors as details emerge ahead of clash with Oleksandr Usyk – Gudstory

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Tyson Fury is reportedly involved in a dispute with neighbors over his dream £4million mansion as his fight with Oleksandr Usyk draws closer.

The Gypsy King is currently preparing for the match, which is expected to be attended by millions of people from all over the world.

However, as the fight approaches, Fury is facing problems outside the ring.

The 35-year-old faces ‘further hurdles’ to his £4million dream home after neighbors objected, according to The Sun.

boxing news tyson fury

Boxing news: Tyson Fury is sailing with the neighbors ahead of his bout with Oleksandr Usyk


Bats are believed to have been found on the roof of the property last year, causing significant delays to the process.

Locals in Cheshire have apparently objected, saying the plans for the estate would have a ‘significant visual impact’.

However, Furey has the support of local councilor Chris Hilliard. Hilliard is quoted as saying: “The property as drawn will be a vast improvement over the present property.”

A source said: “Tyson feels like he has a lot of obstacles to overcome.

“But he’s determined to get it done.”

Fury wants planning approval for the mansion.

But he is not expected to leave his current property in Morecambe, as the boxing star and his family have settled in the area and are living happily.

However, this is an awkward issue for Fury, and he will be hoping it doesn’t hinder his preparations for his fight with Usyk.

After a tough fight against Francis Ngannou in October, the Briton comes into that contest with a big point to prove.

Fury suffered defeat in the third round of that match, which shocked the world.

And although he won via split decision, some feel that he has become a weaker player as he enters the final years of his career.

Others have also weighed in on Fury’s weight.

Although he never cared much for a six-pack, the Gipsy King was accused of appearing overweight in his narrow victory over Ngannou.

Yet Spencer Oliver, speaking to IFL TV, insists Fury would ‘cost his life’ for a clash with Usyk.

He said, “Trust me, Tyson Fury will be in the shape of his life in this fight with Oleksandr Usyk.”

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Boxing News Tyson Fury Oleksandr Usyk

Boxing news: Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk to meet in the ring next month


“Because he knows what he’s going to do. Forget that performance against Francis Ngannou.

“You’ll never see him again because he was Tyson Fury [not prepared],

“When there’s no reason for fear in your mind as a fighter, you can cut back on some of the training because you think, ‘This old guy has never boxed before.’

“I’m going to play with him [Ngannou] And put on a little show and I’m going to make this undisputed fight,’ and it went very wrong for Fury because he clearly didn’t recognize how good Ngannou was.

“It was an underestimate of Fury and there was no fear factor.

boxing news tyson fury

Boxing news: Tyson Fury has no intention of moving into his dream mansion with his wife and kids currently settled in


“You’ll never see Fury like that again. I think size is going to be a big factor in the fight, and Fury also has a great boxing IQ.

“I want Tyson Fury to hold a masterclass on the 17th.”


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