Tyson Fury fans are rallying behind the boxing star after Anthony Joshua’s brutal comments

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Tyson Fury fans are rallying behind the boxing star after Anthony Joshua’s brutal comments – Gudstory

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Tyson Fury fans have fiercely defended the 35-year-old following Anthony Joshua’s controversial comments.

Boxing fans have long wanted to see the two Britons face each other in the ring, but despite years of speculation, that seems unlikely to happen.

Fury is currently training for his lucrative fight with Oleksandr Usyk, which is scheduled to take place on February 17.

And, as that fight draws near, Joshua attacks his countryman.

“He talks a lot, calls me a bodybuilder and so on, but I want to marvel at the African power – he’s a bodybuilder, come in and call me that.

“I think Ngannou won. But the judges are there for a reason, they score it the way they score it and they are professionals at what they do and I’m just an observer.

“Fury won, but from a fan standpoint, I think Ngannou won.”

Yet boxing fans have now attacked Joshua and condemned his words.

One X user said: “Joshua is using Tyson Fury again to stay relevant.”

Another said: “Remember when Ruiz beat AJ? #upthefatslobs.”

A third said: “AJ is a strong bodybuilder and if he gets hit with a single shot by Ngannou (world record hardest puncher) he will leave on the ropes like double cheese Ruiz.

“AJ couldn’t do the same against a guy half his size who couldn’t throw a punch. It was like he’d seen a ghost.”

A fourth said: “After Fury called AJ a bodybuilder he ignored that comment, he’s very insecure about Fury.”

And a fifth said: “Fury literally said it every time he was going to step aside…the last fight.

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Tyson Fury was called a ‘fat slut’ by Anthony Joshua whose boxing controversy continues years later

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“It’s funny how everyone jumps after a bad performance.

“Much like when Joshua took Ruiz with ease in the first fight, letting him grab the belt and move around.”

For years, fans have expected to see Joshua and Fury resolve their differences inside the ring.

But Joshua has admitted that he does not believe he is capable of competing to become the undisputed world heavyweight champion.

When asked if he dreamed of achieving that goal, he said, “I used to, but not anymore.”

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When pressed on why that is, he said: “I think it’s because of the reality, because what will happen is Usyk and Fury are in a position to compete undisputedly.

“And once they compete undisputed, the belts will be divided again.

“And I think it’ll probably take me about five to six years to get all the belts and beat all the independent champions, and it’ll probably take me until I’m 40 or 41 to do that again, before I can do that again. Do it.

“So I’m just like, maybe this isn’t in my time frame.”


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