Threads launches for over half a billion users in Europe


Threads launches for over half a billion users in Europe -Gudstory

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Option given to EU users.
Screenshot by Thomas Ricker/The Verge

Terms of using threads without a profile.
Screenshot by Thomas Ricker/The Verge

The company’s delay in launching the service in EU countries is widely blamed on the bloc’s recent introduction of the Digital Markets Act, a sweeping piece of legislation designed to rein in Big Tech abuses and level the playing field. Designed to be leveled. Although Meta didn’t directly name the regulation, Instagram chief Adam Mosseri attributed the delay to “complications of compliance with some laws that will be implemented next year.” Companies like Meta, designated as “gatekeepers” under the DMA, have until March 2024 to comply with its requirements.

There is speculation that Threads’ tight integration with Instagram could create problems with EU regulators. When it launched in July 2023, users signed up through their existing Instagram accounts and could instantly connect with all the Instagram users they followed. This reduced friction helped threads reach 100 million users in a matter of days, but raised concerns that the meta might violate DMA rules against prioritizing itself.

While Threads quickly caught on, partly thanks to Instagram’s waning popularity and partly capitalizing on the chaos on Elon Musk’s X (formerly Twitter), third-party data has suggested that Meta’s platform has struggled to retain users after the initial surge. Its EU launch will almost certainly bring a surge in new users; The question is whether Threads has evolved and added enough new features since launch to keep up with them.


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