There’s a new problem in the saga of Giannis’ missing football game.

 – Gudstory

There’s a new problem in the saga of Giannis’ missing football game. – Gudstory

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GameBallGate just got a lot more interesting.

New video footage of last night’s incident between Giannis Antentokounmpo and the Indiana Pacers on game ball is circulating. According to this new camera angle, the Indiana Pacers assistant coach was caught walking off the court carrying the game ball from Antentokounmpo’s 64-point performance. The missing game ball sparked a postgame brawl between the Bucks and Pacers.

“Coach Mike — Coach Mike, I won’t give out the last name — Coach Mike takes the ball with a smirk, like, ‘No, that’s my ball,’” the NBATV announcer commented during the clip. “Giannis says: ‘No, this is my house, my ball, my rules.’ And he deserves it. If it was in Indiana, I would have had it. But being in Milwaukee is disrespectful. And then the smirk after that, which rubbed me the wrong way.

according to According to the Pacers’ media guide, “Coach Mike” is likely assistant coach Mike Weiner, who has been an assistant coach with Indiana since 2021. Weiner was also an assistant coach with the Dallas Mavericks, where they won the NBA championship in 2011.

While Antentokounmpo eventually got the ball for all his efforts, he doesn’t think he actually got the game ball of his career.

“I have a ball, but I don’t know if that’s the game ball. It doesn’t look like the game ball to me.” Antetokounmpo said. “It feels like a brand new ball. I can say I played 35 minutes today? I know how match ball felt.

Pacers coach Rick Carlisle said during last night’s postgame press conference that the team tried to save the game ball for rookie Oscar Tshiebwe’s first official basket. Carlisle also added that Pacers general manager Chad Buchanan was “kicked in the ribs” by someone on Milwaukee’s roster during a “fight” outside the locker room.


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