There will be fewer ad breaks on TV on YouTube – but the ads are getting longer


There will be fewer ad breaks on TV on YouTube – but the ads are getting longer -Gudstory

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The next time you sit down to watch YouTube on your TV, you may see fewer ads in the video you’re watching. This is because YouTube is displaying ads less frequently on TV, but in return, you have to sit through longer commercials.

YouTube began testing longer but less frequent ad breaks in September, and now they’re launching on all TVs. The change means you’ll see an updated countdown timer in the bottom-right corner of your screen that will now show how much time you have left until the entire ad break ends or when you can skip.

YouTube previously displayed how many ads were included in the break in the upper-left corner of your screen, along with a countdown timer for each individual ad. With the new ad frequency, YouTube is expanding ads from shorts to TV. Like mobile and web, you’ll now see ads in between shorts that you can skip using your remote.

Although I can’t say I’m super happy that I’ll be getting commercials in between shorts on TV, I am happy about the change to ad breaks on regular videos, as I hope I won’t get so many short interruptions. I’m doing a two-hour deep dive. YouTube’s main focus this year has been on ads and getting people to watch them. The company added non-skippable 30-second ads to its TV app and even banned ad blockers.


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