The Rams went looking for a QB and came back with .  .  .  Carson Wentz?

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The Rams went looking for a QB and came back with . . . Carson Wentz? – Gudstory

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The Los Angeles Rams dug into the boxes and came up with a new quarterback. According to multiple sources, the Rams have Signed free agent QB Carson Wentz. Former No. 2 overall pick in 2016 Another occasion for Washington He was left on the sidelines during the vacation period.

Wentz started seven games for the Commanders last year, winning just two, throwing for 1,755 yards with 11 touchdowns and nine interceptions. The previous season in Indianapolis had been much better, but when the team failed to reach the postseason, losing its final two games, team owner Jim Erasi has seen enough from Wentz and sent him packing.

Looking back at the 2016 draft, Wentz was viewed as a franchise QB who would be one of the best in the NFL one day. Well, that day never came and Wentz is now viewed as a failure. Some might call him a failure, but he had a few good seasons where he looked like he was turning the corner.

One of the most important factors for Wentz on every team he played for in the NFL, is a lack of leadership and overall attitude. There’s something about Wentz that turned most people off at all three stops. With the Colts, it could have been a matter of Irsay’s impatience, but either way, it didn’t work out, and Wentz was gone after one campaign.

So, for the Rams to pick up Wentz, it has to be bad. Despite Matt Stafford’s injury, he could return for Los Angeles’ Week 11 clash with Seattle, according to reports. Stafford missed Sunday’s loss to Green Bay with a thumb injury. Brett Rypien filled in and the offense set up a field goal. presence of veteran, Former writer And Pro Bowler like Wentz is on the roster It gives the coaching staff more confidence if Stafford misses any more games.

This is Wentz’s third and second chance to stay at the top of the league. Since the Rams are up for a bye in Week 10, this will give Wentz the opportunity to familiarize himself with the playbook in case Stafford can’t go the following week. Wentz may not give this organization the best chance, but experience should play an important role. And any time Wentz gets on the field for the Rams, it should be viewed as a showcase for the rest of the NFL.

Baker Mayfield was able to invest He made full duty with the Rams last season as a starter in Tampa Bay. Mayfield had one good game in four games for the Rams and everyone lost their minds as if he was the second coming of something great. This is how Wentz should handle this opportunity if he wants another chance to start in this league next season.


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