The PCB files a complaint with the ICC over “inappropriate conduct by spectators” at the India-Pakistan match

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The PCB files a complaint with the ICC over “inappropriate conduct by spectators” at the India-Pakistan match – Gudstory

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The PCB has filed a formal complaint with the ICC over crowd behavior directed towards Pakistani players in their match against India at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad over the weekend.
Pakistan were comfortably beaten by India in an atmosphere that their team manager Mickey Arthur later compared to a bilateral game rather than an ICC event. The crowd, estimated at more than 100,000, was only a small number of Pakistani fans, as difficulties in obtaining visas prevented fans from traveling across the border. Arthur also questioned the lack of Pakistani music in the stadium playlist, specifically pointing out DIL, DIL Pakistanwhich is an essential stadium in Pakistani Games in ICC events.

However, the PCB’s complaints relate to more specific incidents that emerged from videos circulating on social media. Most notable was clearly the cheering of the fans, ESPNcricinfo has learned Jai Shri Ram, a Hindu religious hymn, by Mohamed Rizwan as he climbs the stairs and returns to the dressing room after being sent off by Jasprit Bumrah. The PCB also cited incidents in which Hasan Ali was taunted with similar chants while playing during India’s chase.

The complaint, which was sent today to the ICC administration, referred to Article 11 of the ICC’s anti-discrimination policy in international cricket. The section deals with enforcement against spectators: “The ICC and each of its members must take such steps as it considers necessary to prevent any inappropriate acts occurring at international matches held within its jurisdiction or those played as part of an ICC event (as applicable). ). Spectator conduct and ensuring that any such behavior is dealt with in a timely manner by the Member, the ICC (as applicable) or others before, during and/or after the international match (as applicable).”

Any such incident, according to the policy, is supposed to be recorded by the Anti-Discrimination Officer (appointed by the Host Council) on a form and submitted to the ICC representative in the Anti-Discrimination Department within two weeks.

In the same complaint, the PCB again raised the issue of non-granting visas to Pakistani audiences and only a limited number of journalists so far.

“The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has lodged another formal protest with the ICC over the delay in issuing visas to Pakistani journalists and absence of visa policy for Pakistani fans to attend the ongoing 2023 World Cup,” the Pakistan Cricket Board said in a statement.


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