The most powerful Ryzen Zen 3 processors are getting their biggest discounts ever


The most powerful Ryzen Zen 3 processors are getting their biggest discounts ever -Gudstory

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AMD made bank on its Ryzen chipsets on the strength of bored pandemic-era gamers who spent their stimulus checks on new PC builds. Ryzen CPUs at the time certainly offered the best price-to-performance value, leading many to move to AM4-based systems. AMD has since switched to the next-generation AM5 platform, but there’s still plenty of room on the upgrade path for those who aren’t interested in spending hundreds or thousands on new hardware. take top-line Ryzen 9 5950XFor example, which has never been cheaper than the $364.99 price currently shown on Amazon (18 percent off).

The Ryzen 9 5950X is definitely more than enough for most people. It has 16 physical cores with 32 threads, 3.4GHz base and 4.9GHz boost clock speeds, a very manageable 105W TDP, and enough thermal overhead for manual overclocking. There probably isn’t a single game this thing can’t handle, but AMD mostly had content creators, graphical designers, and software engineers in mind when creating this monster. In fact, if gaming is your most demanding task and you do not need such demanding titles to the maximum star citizen At 4K, you can easily get away with something like six-core ryzen 5 5600 (40 percent off at $119.99) or eight-core ryzen 7 5700g (56 percent off at $157.99), both are just single-digit dollars higher than their lowest prices on Amazon.

If you need to upgrade your laptop’s trackpad or replace the junk your employer included in your work from home kit, this deal is available logitech’s mx master 3s There is a need to seriously consider. We’ve never seen it for less than the $83.72 price (16 percent off) of the space gray model available now on Amazon. This version is designed specifically for Macs and iPads, but it is still compatible with Windows-based machines. You can pair it with up to three different devices (via Bluetooth, no USB dongle included) for seamless switching.

The original Logitech MX Master 3 is considered one of the best mice you can buy for its comfortable ergonomics, solid build, quick response, accurate tracking, 70-day battery life with USB-C charging, and satisfying touch mechanics Are. This 3S refresh improves on the original with a higher 8,000-dpi optical sensor and an advertised clicker that’s 90 percent quieter. We didn’t think these improvements mattered enough for MX Master 3 owners to upgrade, but given that the older version has been phased out, it might make a real difference for newcomers or those in need of a replacement. The point is.


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