The LA Chargers are finally getting interesting

 – Gudstory

The LA Chargers are finally getting interesting – Gudstory

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Los Angeles’ most faceless and fan-favorite team has gotten a major star. The NFL is a fail-safe league. All of its TV rights are national — and huge, too — and roster building is limited by a strict salary cap. the Los Angeles Chargers They may not be financially painful, but they are a third-tier franchise in the NFL. They play in a stadium financed by a different franchise that has, by far, the weakest fan base in the league. When they played home games at the 27,000-seat Stubhub Center, selling that venue was a struggle. Los Angeles has no connection to this franchise that has played in San Diego for more than half a century. This franchise needed a spark and they went for the flamethrower by bringing in Jim Harbaugh.

On Wednesday evening, the Chargers announced it was him New coach From the team. ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that it is Five-year deal. Two weeks ago, Harbaugh led Michigan to its first college football national championship since before Dwight Eisenhower was elected president. According to Angelique Chinglis of the Detroit News, the school was not prepared to fulfill the terms of a new deal presented by Harbaugh’s representatives in late 2023 until the late stages of his negotiations with the Chargers.

Michigan rejecting any of Harbaugh’s requests is a move of foolish pride. As head coach, the Wolverines defeated Ohio State three years in a row — two of them with incredible quarterback CJ Stroud playing for the Buckeyes — and won a national title. Of all the backers of college football, Michigan certainly wasn’t hurting for money. They played hardball and now maybe the “colorblind” Moore Sherwin will get the job.

By hiring Harbaugh, the Chargers finally have a character who can make some headlines in Los Angeles. Harbaugh may not be the Hollywood type — Mastro better have some milk ready when the coach comes over for a meal — but he won’t arrive quietly. He and his strength Beef starter Hand shaking It will be loud at the Chargers’ El Segundo facility.

He is certainly a necessary figure in that corner of the world. Professional sports stars like Shaquille O’Neal, Kobe Bryant, Pat Riley, Bo Jackson, and David Beckham are the people who attract people’s attention in Los Angeles. Winning is important, but doing it with style is how you beat the city.

Harbaugh clearly doesn’t have a Met Gala-level fashion sense, but he’s one of a kind. A line from Harbaugh’s prepared statement about his new job: “The only job you start at the top is digging a hole, so we know we have to earn what we want.”

Yes, that’s the energy heading into Los Angeles. It’s certainly not a flashy Rodeo Drive car, but maybe it’s exactly the kick in the back end the Charger needs. They have played in 23 one-possession games over the past two seasons. This is a problem that goes back years. Former quarterback Philip Rivers has The largest number of losses with one score Of any quarterback in the Super Bowl era.

The Chargers moved a few hours north under questionable conditions. San Diego did not intend to build a new stadium, so the Rams were tagged as the No. 2 professional football team in a market that had not had any for 20 years. The Chargers didn’t even have the memories of Deacon Jones or Eric Dickerson to blanket fans with nostalgia. They only played in Los Angeles in their debut NFL season in 1960.

No other franchise in the NFL has needed to charge like the Chargers. They got it. By downing an old steak with a glass of milk himself. One thing is for sure, the LA Chargers have shaken off the lethargy in their franchise.


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