The Golden Bachelor’s Kathy Swarts says the ‘good-looking’ 32-year-old slid into her DMs after the show

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The Golden Bachelor’s Kathy Swarts says the ‘good-looking’ 32-year-old slid into her DMs after the show – Gudstory

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Golden Bachelor Kathy Swarts Says 32-Year-Old Has Dropped In Her DMs Because Of The Show
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The Golden Bachelor‘S Kathy Blacks She has found some new boyfriends since appearing on the reality dating show.

During Monday, December 18, attendance Jana KramerKathy, 70, opened up on the “Whine Down” podcast about the men who have slid into her DMs recently.

“I have four, and one was a 32-year-old, very good-looking guy. And I had to tell her that my kids are older than hers,” joked Kathy, who has three children and two grandchildren.

The reality TV personality added: “Then I had a 40-year-old baseball player who was just like the first guy. And then one of my daughters came forward on behalf of her father.

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While Kathy praised the engaged daughter, she revealed that she “never heard back” from her father. However, she received a compliment from a man “over 50 years old” who reached out to a mutual friend about her.

“She said, ‘She’s so pretty, she might be too young for me,'” Kathy shared, noting that she’s going to borrow this sentiment as a future pickup line: “You’re too young for me.” It may be small, but, okay, let’s try it.”

However Kathy was eliminated during the fourth week. The Golden BachelorHe started the drama with the eventual winner, Theresa NistDuring his time on the show.

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During an October episode of the ABC series, Kathy accused Theresa, 70, of boasting about their relationship golden bachelor gerry turner,

“I feel like you’re dismissing me, like, ‘She and I are going off into the sunset. Go pack because you’re going home,'” Kathy told her co-star. “Ever— “You’ve never made me feel that way.”

As Theresa began to cry, Kathy doubled over.

“When you say things like, ‘[We] There’s a huge connection,’ I think that’s the kind of thing that sounds possessive, territorial and [like], ‘Get out of my way, he’s mine,'” she said. “It’s not a pretty picture, Theresa.”

After the episode aired, Theresa reflected on the conflict via Instagram.

“This last episode was a little hard for me to watch. Never in a million years did I think I would find myself involved in drama. That’s not who I am. I just thought I’d be able to be open and honest with a new friend about how I’m feeling,” she wrote before sharing the advice Gerry, 72, gave her on the situation.

Theresa recalled, “Gerry said to me, ‘If you, in your heart, don’t believe that you were arrogant, you don’t believe that you were doing anything to hurt anybody, then I think. That you should let it go.” “It was never my intention to make Kathy or anyone feel less than.”

Gerry and Theresa got engaged during golden bachelor The Season 1 finale, which aired last month.

“I’ve got a feeling you’re not the right person to be with,” Gerry pretended to tell Theresa before getting down on his knees. “You are the person I can’t live without. Theresa, I love you 1000 percent. I will never stop believing that every day I choose you. Will you marry me?”

The couple will soon tie the knot in a televised ceremony golden weddingwhich is set to air Thursday, January 4 at 8 pm ET on ABC.


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