The Bucks may not have a plan, but they’re not afraid to spend money on a problem

 – Gudstory

The Bucks may not have a plan, but they’re not afraid to spend money on a problem – Gudstory

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at least Milwaukee Bucks Fans can tell that the Haslems aren’t cheap. Jimmy and Dee bought their way into the NBA last spring when they bought out former franchise owner Marc Lasry’s stake. Since then, two Bucks coaches have been fired, with their most recent hire being one of the NBA’s most famous veteran coaches – Doc Rivers.

He won’t be in the booth with Mike Breen and Doris Burke in the 2024 NBA Finals. Instead, he’ll try to lead the Bucks to their second NBA championship in the franchise. Rivers will do this while continuing to build generational wealth. His contract with the Bucks runs through the 2026-27 season and will pay him approximately $40 million, The Athletic’s Shams Charania reported. This, while the Bucks still owe Mike Budenholzer and the recently fired Adrian Griffin money over the next three-and-a-half years.

For those who thought Deshaun Watson’s fully guaranteed contract would be how generous Haslem was, they’ve decided to bring that with them from the NFL to the NBA. Unlike Watson’s completely unnecessary contract, at least this coach payout won’t add further pressure on the Bucks’ salary cap. They are one of the teams whose player salaries exceed the dreaded “second apron”.

Giannis Antetokounmpo set the challenge during the offseason. If the Haslems wanted one of the best players in NBA history to be part of their new business venture, being tight on money wouldn’t be an option. Antetokounmpo appeared on Bleav Network in September and said: “If there is a better situation for me to win the Larry O’Brien title, I have to accept that situation.

Two weeks after that interview, the Bucks traded for Damian Lillard. A team with the second-best record in the NBA decided to eat into the salaries of three head coaches by firing their new coach midway through the season, then hiring a high-profile replacement. This new partnership between the Haslems and Wes Edens proves they’re not afraid to schedule some huge direct deposits and continue their business.

Antetokounmpo seems happy enough. He signed a three-year maximum contract extension in October, although he could have signed a four-year contract had he waited until after the 2023-24 season.

Obviously there’s no way to predict how these moves will work out for the Bucks, but at least the franchise is trying. We are sparing no expense to build a team that can compete for the championship this season, as well as in the near future.

Bucks are fighting. I don’t know what their strategy or style is, but they are definitely swinging hard. It’s probably best to have a clear plan in a fight, but there’s no way to win without taking some swings. The Haslems, Edens, and front office have certainly acquired some financial giants in recent months.


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