Samsung’s Galaxy S24 will likely include on-device generator AI called Samsung Gauss


Samsung’s Galaxy S24 will likely include on-device generator AI called Samsung Gauss -Gudstory

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Samsung has begun expanding its own generative AI model, Samsung Gauss, which can run locally on devices. korea times Gauss will reportedly be integrated into the next Galaxy S24 handset, which is expected to be released in early 2024. Samsung demonstrated Gauss during its own AI forum this week, revealing how the AI ​​model can generate and edit images, compose emails, summarize documents and even That can also work. A coding assistant.

Parts of Samsung’s Gauss model can run locally on the device, and Samsung executives teased last month that the company will start adding generative AI to “core functions” of mobile devices starting in 2024. This comment comes after Samsung reported an AI focus for the Galaxy S24. , which is widely expected to be announced in early 2024.

Samsung says its Gauss model is “named after the great mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss, who founded normal distribution theory, the backbone of machine learning and AI.” Developed by Samsung Research, the model consists of Samsung Gauss Language, Samsung Gauss Code, and Samsung Gauss Image.

“Samsung Gauss Language, a generative language model, enhances work efficiency by facilitating tasks such as composing emails, summarizing documents, and translating content,” Samsung said in a press release announcing Gauss. “It can also enhance the consumer experience by enabling smart device control when integrated into products.”

Samsung Galaxy S24 render leaked.
Image: Smartprix/OnLeaks

This integration into products could be a major selling point for the Galaxy S24, especially if Gauss is able to run some limited generative image and language models locally on the handset, rather than relying on cloud-powered large language models like OpenAI.

Samsung is already bringing generative AI to its Bixby virtual assistant for home devices, but it won’t be as powerful as ChatGPIT. “When we think of generative AI, we often think of ChatGPIT, but we’re not aiming for such a heavy-handed service,” Myeong Yoo, vice president of Samsung Electronics’ home appliance division, said in September. “Even if the user hasn’t used the set command, Bixby will understand the context of the conversation and enable more natural communication.”

According to Samsung, Samsung Gauss is currently being used internally for “employee productivity”. It will be “expanded to a variety of Samsung product applications to provide new user experiences in the near future.”


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