Ronnie O’Sullivan ‘sick’ of controversy amid investigation into snooker star icon

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Ronnie O’Sullivan ‘sick’ of controversy amid investigation into snooker star icon – Gudstory

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Snooker star Mark Williams has admitted he is ‘tired’ of the controversies surrounding Ronnie O’Sullivan.

O’Sullivan is considered one of the best players in the entire history of the game and so far in 2024, he has already captured two titles.

However, the rocket has been mired in controversy over the past few months.

He has clashed with snooker bosses who believe the WST’s schedule is too busy amid the controversy surrounding the 48-year-old’s playing in China.

snooker ronnie o'sullivan

Snooker star Ronnie O’Sullivan is being investigated after comments he made about Ali Carter earlier this month


And O’Sullivan also raised eyebrows by saying this about Ali Carter after his recent Masters final.

The veteran said Carter, who narrowly defeated his rival at Alexandra Palace, needs to sort out his ‘f***ing life’.

The WST has since investigated O’Sullivan, with Carter stating that he believes Rocket is currently mentally unsound.

And according to the Daily Express, Williams has now admitted he is ‘tired’ of the controversy and wants everything sorted out.

“It’s a shame,” he said.

“I am tired of seeing things in the newspapers. I just wish everyone could get together, sit in a room and hash out their differences behind closed doors and see if it can be resolved.

“There’s no point having back and forth in the press and bad press all the time, it’s really not good for the game.

“I think it will peak soon, I don’t know what will happen. Who knows?”

While O’Sullivan continues to dominate snooker, he has admitted that he is open to taking a break from the game at some point.

This has led to some suggestions that the 48-year-old may retire in the near future.

But Williams doesn’t see that happening, although he admits O’Sullivan leaving snooker would be a big blow.

He added, “Ronnie will be a huge loss.”

“He is the biggest attraction for us. I have always said this. “He has been saying for 30 years that he will step down. I don’t think he’s going anywhere.”

O’Sullivan will next face Julien Leclerc on January 29.

Meanwhile, the World Snooker Championship will take place at the end of the year.

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snooker mark williams

Snooker star Mark Williams ‘sick’ of controversy surrounding Ronnie O’Sullivan


Having won three titles in the last 50 days, O’Sullivan is a strong contender to remain at the top position.

He’s also unbeaten on British soil since October and wins over the likes of Carter and Judd Trump so far this year suggest he won’t be slowing down any time soon.

And Stephen Hendry fears there will be no stopping O’Sullivan in that competition.

He told talkSPORT: “Where are all the top players?

“Ronnie is dominating snooker at the moment, and on a roll.

snooker ronnie o'sullivan

Snooker icon Ronnie O’Sullivan has already won two titles in 2024


“The Selbys, the Robertsons, the Williamses… even Trump couldn’t beat him. Who can stop him from winning the world title?”

Discussing O’Sullivan, he added: It’s unprecedented. We have to appreciate his style of play and his longevity.

“It’s amazing. The snooker he played in the semi-finals last week was some of the best snooker I’ve seen. He’s taking the game to a new level.

“It worries me a little bit that if in four or five years’ time, if he retires, who will be the players who will replace him?

“We say, ‘Oh, snooker will survive’, but where is the next Ronnie O’Sullivan coming from?

“We’ve got to enjoy it while it lasts.”


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