Of course, the NFL’s recent global expansion is exciting fans in the United States

 – Gudstory

Of course, the NFL’s recent global expansion is exciting fans in the United States – Gudstory

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The NFL’s plan for global domination took another step forward this week when the league announced it would play a game in South America for the first time. Listen to the horns, trumpets and dollar bills falling from the sky like confetti. Get ready, Brazil, here comes a little blood sport to pique your morbid curiosity.

While watching oversized men suffer head trauma hasn’t ignited an NBA-style international soccer revolution, that won’t stop the NFL from moving forward with little regard for its fans in the United States. It’s yet to be seen what will anger viewers to the point of abandoning the product, and the league’s recent expansion brings with it even more damage for fans.

From now on, teams can protect only two home matches from being robbed in international competitions. That number is down from four, so instead of endless, unwatchable garbage broadcast at 6:30 a.m. on a Sunday morning, there could be real games with consequences, or even worse, entertainment that puts you to sleep.

Only one organization voted against holding a game in Sao Paulo, but unfortunately for Bears president George McCaskey, his appeal was He laughed when he included Tommy DeVito On a list of opposing QBs that fans will be upset not to see in person. While McCaskey has reinforced the belief that Chicago has no idea what a franchise QB looks like, his point remains valid.

How long before the league’s insatiable greed costs team owners money? This may seem contradictory, but season ticket sales are important. I suspect. If there are only two games on a home team’s slate worth attending, one might assume the ticket draws will taper off.

Now, that’s just an assumption, and it’s probably a foolish one.

I have frankly stopped looking for the last straw that will lead to a mass exodus. The NFL is a bit like social media where people are constantly complaining about it, but they never leave. Unless Elon Musk buys the league and fills it with overt racists, there is no scenario that would dissuade football fans from watching games on Sundays – and even then, that may not work.

For a variety of predictable, explainable and frustrating reasons, blunders don’t derail the NFL’s business model. This force field enables the owners and Roger Goodell to do whatever they want without recourse.

Matches in Brazil?


What about the Toy Story TV show to attract kids?

You’re a genius, Phil!

Midweek games with half-intact rosters and backup QBs?

Hey, if Amazon would pay a billion for that. . .

Should we partner with sportsbooks?

Just make sure we cover our bases with a public service announcement.

What are your thoughts on the anti-racism campaign?

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Go wake up, break. Simply draw the words “End Racism” in the end zone.

It would be great if the NFL used his relentless popularity for good as well as a strong bottom line. However, this is not UNICEF. There is no financial incentive to make the world a better place. Everything is an asset and must be squeezed until it makes a profit or dies.


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