Nicki Minaj thanks J.J. for better verse on ‘Let Me Calm Down’ Cole praised: He gave me his ‘best’ – Gudstory

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Nicki Minaj thanks J.J. for better verse on 'Let Me Calm Down'  Cole praised: He gave me his 'best'

Nicki Minaj, J. Coal.

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nicki minaj She may be the queen of rap, but she had to give up the crown. J. Coal for his work pink friday 2,

Cole, 38, joined Minaj, 41, for “Let Me Calm Down,” one of the songs from Minaj’s new chart-topping album. The collaboration came to light when Minaj sat down with joe budden for “A Conversation,” a video that Budden, 43, posted on Dec. 25. Budden said that Cole “went wild” with his verse and that he was beating other rappers (“tearing n—s up”) with his verse. Latest Features. “He didn’t do that to you, though,” Budden said, to which Nicki disagreed.

“Yeah, he did,” she said, dismissing Budden’s protests that he had the better verse in the song. “I’m telling you. He did. Abso-f-kin-lutely. Then he explained that since Cole worked so hard on the track, it shows that he values ​​the song and it. “I want [guest rapper] To be the best,” she said. “I want that person to give me his best poetry. This made me realize that [Cole] Respected me and cared about my project. He was very intoxicating.”

He said, “I think everyone gave me their best on this album.” “He gave me his best, which he is known for.”

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In “Let Me Calm Down”, Minaj and Cole reflected on the struggles and disappointments of a romantic relationship. In Minaj’s verse, she apparently rapped about how when she first met the man she would marry, it was “love at first sight”, Kenneth “Zoo” PettyBut she wants him to “give me space when I really need it / To be alone in my zone when I’m really hot.”

Cole’s verse sees him admitting that his spouse is “bad as f–k, but he’s hard to deal with / And it’s not his fault / She’s got the ambition and attitude for herself like a n-s /”. ” Rapping himself, Cole says, “If you love her, you gotta learn to play your part / Sometimes, you gotta play back / But when you do, make sure you play it.” Play smart.”

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Minaj gave love to Cole on December 8, the same day pink friday 2 came out. “This guy, J. Cole, talked to me for two hours,” he posted on X (formerly known as Twitter). “TWO!!!! I didn’t realize I was sitting on a therapist’s couch but ummm. Two days later, I heard this poem and I couldn’t stop crying.

He added, “In a world where we know when and how to tear each other apart, there are still kings and queens who know how to bring people together.” “Fix them. Fix them. Empower them. understand them. listen to them. Make them do the most beautiful thing a human being can do.”

Minaj is one of the “queens” she would love to collaborate with in the future Taylor Swift, Although Swift, 34, and Minaj had a misunderstanding at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards, the two made up at the beginning of the show. On December 20, Minaj praised how Swift “takes months [and] Taking years off and then coming back with great music.” When a Barbz asked if Minaj would ever work with Swift on a song, Nicki replied, “In a heartbeat.”


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