Neko Atsume on Quest is cute, huggable, and a great use of mixed reality


Neko Atsume on Quest is cute, huggable, and a great use of mixed reality -Gudstory

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The game is fascinating. Cats have the same cartoony and slightly vacant look that makes them so charming in mobile games, and they get into a lot of mischief. But because you’re playing in VR, you’ll also be able to do things like “pet” the cats and pick them up using your controllers.

I was given early access to the game ahead of today’s launch, and I’ve spent about 30 minutes messing around with it. like with the phone version neko atsume, bad This is not a particularly involved game. The biggest attraction is in collecting cartoon cats and watching them do silly cat things. But it’s fun to watch cats run around in VR, give them some virtual scratches, and carry them around like teddy bears.

On the Quest 3, you can also try a mixed reality mode, where a neko atsume The cat may appear in your real-world environment. This worked surprisingly well – I had an interesting moment when, without thinking about it, I picked up the virtual cat in my living room and tried to show it to my wife, who obviously couldn’t see it.

Actually this is not the first time neko atsume Has become available in VR. If you have the original PlayStation VR, you can try Neko Atsume VR Now (although there are fewer cats than bad Does). But if you just bought Quest 3 or want to find something new to play on your Quest 2 or Quest Pro, bad A light-hearted way to spend some time in virtual or mixed reality. (However, at $19.99, it’s a bit expensive.)


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