Logic tells us the Ravens should win the Super Bowl, but the NFL has a way of going off script

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Logic tells us the Ravens should win the Super Bowl, but the NFL has a way of going off script – Gudstory

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We’re down to The final four in the NFL. Although Kansas City and San Francisco have been in the mix a few times over the past few years, it’s simple Logic points to Baltimore and Lamar Jackson Finally a breakthrough. We also know that the NFL tends to go off script sometimes in the postseason. The Ravens appear to be the best team left, but that doesn’t mean they’re guaranteed to be the last team standing.

The crows were not Part of Sunday’s tournament In more than a decade, their history goes back to when they beat the 49ers in Super Bowl XLVII. This game was called “Blackout pot“Because of a power outage in the middle of the game. That was the last time Baltimore was good enough to qualify and lift the Lombardi Trophy.

Many expect the Ravens to cruise their way to the franchise’s third Super Bowl championship, especially since they dominated both NFC contenders during the regular season. In Week 7, they beat Detroit, 38-6. Jackson participated in four total touchdowns, throwing for three and rushing for another. He also torched the Lions for 357 yards through the air. Then on Christmas Eve, Jackson and his crew stormed into the Bay Area and blanked the Niners, 33-19. The result looks much closer than it did in real time.

It seems like the only thing standing between the Ravens and a Super Bowl win is the Kansas City Chiefs. A team that struggled all season (mainly on offense), but once again found themselves in the AFC title game. For the sixth straight year, the road to the AFC’s big game passes through the Chiefs, but for the first time not in Kansas City. Another reason is that most people look at Baltimore and expect it to come out on top.

Baltimore and Kansas City have not faced off in two years, with the Ravens narrowly winning the last game over the Chiefs early in the 2021 season, 36-35. Looking at both teams this season, it doesn’t seem like the game should be that close. The way the Crows have been dominant lately they should be able to handle the Chiefs. But it’s very hard to overlook the best NFL QB Coach Collection with Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid.

Kansas City has been a bit of an enigma this year in the sense that it has turned around. Their defense has improved a lot from the last two years while the offense can’t seem to get out of their way half the time. They have certainly benefited from a negative year in West Asia. KC won the division while losing six games, the most they have lost since Mahomes’ rookie year in 2017. He started just one game that year, going 1-0.

Evaluating the remaining field logically leads us to the Ravens being the team most likely to bring home Lombardi. But similar to how everyone thought this was Buffalo’s best chance to usurp the champions, Baltimore has the same opportunity. Sure, they could do it, get to the Super Bowl, and pass through the NFC rep. But there’s something about this KC tandem that we’ve seen so many times now that it’s hard to bet against them. Even when Las Vegas says the Chiefs are the underdogs, it’s hard not to see them as favorites as they still sit No. 15 under center and have the nickname “Big Red.”


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