JK Rowling criticized by woke sports star who loves Harry Potter despite making the game in the first place

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JK Rowling criticized by woke sports star who loves Harry Potter despite making the game in the first place – Gudstory

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JK Rowling has been criticized by a quadball player – despite founding the game in the first place.

Quadball’s name was changed from Quidditch in 2022 due to many people objecting to Rowling’s stance on transgender people.

The Harry Potter author first used this game in 1997 when The Philosopher’s Stone was published.

Yet people who play the game in real life have attempted to distance themselves from Rowling due to her controversial views.

JK Rowling

JK Rowling created Quidditch when the first Harry Potter book was released in 1997


The 58-year-old has been regularly criticized online for standing up for biological women.

However, some people think that he has crossed a line.

And Chaser Jake Dalby of the Minneapolis Monarchs, the official Major League Baseball (MLQ) franchise in Minnesota, has now condemned Rowling.

“All that [Rowling] “There is a difference of opinion in what quadball is trying to do in relation to trans people and the LGBTQ community,” he told Racquet.

“It has always been rooted in equality.

“The rule that there can’t be more than four people of the same gender on the field has always created a good atmosphere.

“It opens it up to a more diverse group, and it doesn’t just become a boys’ club.”

Dalby also insists that there have never been any incidents of discrimination and transphobia during the game.

“By playing quadball, you are adopting a certain mentality,” says the American.

“No team I have ever played for has ever had a problem with the way they identify players, nor has there ever been a need to discuss it.

“We are a very good self-governing group.

“If you make a fuss about something like this, it will be resolved immediately.”

Dalby admits that he is a big fan of Harry Potter.

However, he emphasizes that his dedication to the game is not due to his love of books, movies, and many other media.

He added, “I’ve always been a big Harry Potter fan, but that’s not really what attracted me to it.”


Quadball was renamed from Quidditch due to JK Rowling’s controversial views.


“I went to college at Iowa State, and at the end of my freshman year I wanted to find a sport or some type of intramural where I could compete and stay in shape.

“Quidditch seemed more accessible than some of the other sports that had more rigorous efforts, so I chose that and ended up playing on the Iowa State club team for the next three years.

“It’s not like some sports where you have to be really good at one specific thing.

“There are so many different pieces that even if you’re not great in one area, there are still plenty of opportunities for you to play.”

The rules of quadball state that there cannot be more than four players of the same gender identity on the field.

And Dalby says this unique sport is growing.

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harry potter quidditch

Harry Potter plays Quidditch throughout the books and movies


“You’re seeing more former high school or college athletes getting involved,” he said.

“It’s happened several times on ESPN, and there are more teams coming in different parts of the country.”


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