Jennifer Aniston’s Colorist Michael Canale Shares His Essential Hair Products

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Jennifer Aniston’s Colorist Michael Canale Shares His Essential Hair Products – Gudstory

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michael cannell He is the hair stylist of the stars. Have worked with celebrity artistes Jennifer Aniston, kate hudson, Reese Witherspoon, Heidi Klum And cameron diazAlong with other powerful players in Hollywood and the White House.

michael cannell

Michael Canale.

With salons all over the country, Canale is truly an expert in hair care. And now, she’s exclusively revealing her favorite beauty products us weekly, Keep scrolling to shop these A-list essentials.

Canale Cleanse Shampoo

shampoo channel

“Canale Cleanse Shampoo is formulated for colored hair and is also excellent for natural hair and is hypoallergenic, keratin-safe, paraben-free and gluten-free.

If your scalp is very dry, limit your washing. If your scalp is normal to dry, wash every three to four days, and if your scalp is very oily, I recommend washing a few times a week. If you’re at the gym and sweating and oil is building up, you can wash every other day, but make sure you’re using very mild products.

Now, talking about hair texture and more…heavy hair should be washed about once a week. The heavier or curlier the hair, the more difficult it is for oil to reach the hair roots, so this type of hair is less oily and more susceptible to damage from excessive washing. If your hair ranges from straight to wavy, aim to wash two to three times per week. Test which routine works best for your schedule while not overloading your hair with excessive cleaning.

No matter how often you shampoo, always remember that the milder, the better. “Choose a deep-cleansing but lightweight shampoo, such as Canale Cleanse Shampoo.”

Canale Soften Conditioner

conditioner channel

“Condition, condition, condition. I can’t say it enough! Use a good conditioner according to your hair type. Once you color your hair frequently, use a gloss like Canale Signature Gloss to help maintain, enhance and extend the color between salon visits.

If you have fine hair, I recommend Canale Soften Conditioner. For heavier hair, I’d suggest Canale Soften Plus Conditioner, which – hint, hint – is also excellent for use as a masking treatment.

Canale Signature Gloss

shiny channel

“Canale Signature Gloss helps enhance and enhance your hair color between your salon appointments. Signature Gloss is formulated for all hair types and each of our glosses is tailored to suit a range of hair colors and skin tones, and is available in three shades: Sunkissed Gold, Midnight Blue and Cool Blue.

Sunkissed Gold is for red hair and blonde to blonde hair types – perfect for blonde skin tones.

Midnight Blue is designed for light ice blonde to cool brunette types – designed for cool skin undertones.

Cool Blue is designed for nice blonde hair types and cool skin tones. Pro Tip: When in doubt, the Cool Blue Signature Gloss can compliment any hair color, including fun shades like pink and green.

Signature Gloss is used on clean hair after shampoo and can be used with the foaming pump action or as a gel (you simply open the cap and pour into the palm of the hand) and then into hair after shampooing. Apply lather. You can also use the gloss as a mask treatment. Whether lathering, lathering, or applying a mask, let it soak for three to five minutes, shampoo again, then apply a light conditioner.

Canale Nourish Hair Strengthening Foam

Canal Hair Foam

“There are so many ways to support a healthy scalp, and it all starts with a great product. For scalp care, avoid products with harsh ingredients.

Try a scalp treatment like Canale Nourish Topical Vitamins, a revitalizing blend of antioxidants and vitamins that promote vibrant natural hair growth.

Canala supplies vitamins for hair

canal hair vitamins

“Your ideal hair supplement to promote scalp and hair health. Canala Replenish Vitamins contain key nutrients that support a healthy scalp and healthy vibrant hair, including Blue Green Algae, which is rich in proteins and vitamins that nourish your hair from the follicles and gluten-free And vegetarian friendly. Canale Replenish cares for the hair and scalp from the inside out.”

Kitsch Satin Pillowcase

satin pillowcase

“Love silk pillowcases, they are great at reducing wear and tear including split ends. As silk helps retain moisture, you’ll find that your hair remains better hydrated and moisturized, which helps protect against caustic elements like dryness and brittleness.

Mason Pearson Popular Mixer Hair Brush

mason pearson brush

“The Mason Pearson is the best brush for brushing your hair. It is excellent and helps draw natural oils from the scalp to the roots of the hair.”

Wet Brush Detangler Hair Brush

wet brush

“The wet brush is another beauty favorite for its soft, flexible bristles. It can glide gently through wet hair or conditioned hair without pulling or pulling, helping to reduce breakage and damage.

Sea and the Moon Malibu Maid Body Scrub

body scrub

“The Sea and the Moon Body Scrub smells beautiful and gently exfoliates for younger-looking skin. I couldn’t be more excited about it, and all my customers rave about it. This is a must for every bath!”

Peter Thomas Roth Hydra-Gel Eye Patch

Peter Thomas Roth's blindfold

“The most amazing eye patch to give your face and eyes the recovery they need after a long work week or travel day. Your eyes will thank you!”

Byredo Rose Hand Soap

byredo hand wash

“I thought I couldn’t love a scent more than one from my own haircare product line, but the Byredo team has proven me wrong. Their pink hand soap is amazing, and looks great in any bathroom.”

Hero Cosmetics Mighty Pimple Patch

mighty patch

“It happens to the best of us, and we often need a quick fix to a growing blemish. These powerful patches are great for helping to heal any overnight blemishes and work wonders. You barely notice they’re on!”

Sunday Riley Good Jeans All-in-One Lactic Acid Treatment

good genes

“This thing is amazing!! If you ever need to feel refreshed and want a new layer of fresh skin, you need this serum from Sunday Riley.

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