Israel-Hamas war: Gal Gadot trolled for showing IDF video of Hamas attacks for Hollywood

 – Gudstory

Israel-Hamas war: Gal Gadot trolled for showing IDF video of Hamas attacks for Hollywood – Gudstory

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Israeli actress Gal Gadot is hosting a screening of a 47-minute video provided by an IDF spokesperson, which records the events of October 7 when Hamas targeted Israeli communities along the Gaza border, i24 News reports Was.

The screening is scheduled to take place in front of a select audience, including Hollywood celebrities and prominent personalities. The screening date and final guest list are not available yet.

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Oscar-winning director Guy Nattiv, who led the initiative, told i24 that Gadot and her husband Yaron Varsano “helped make it possible”.

Nativ, a supporter of a two-state solution, stressed the importance of not forgetting the events of October 7. He stressed the parallels with the Holocaust and the need to document such footage and share it with the world. He also highlighted the diverse audience for the screening, including people with no film experience.

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“As a filmmaker, I swore that these images of October 7 would not be forgotten, and that the world would see them. Because now the denial begins – it’s fake, it’s not fake (…) We quietly People who have film experience can’t pass by, so we can show them this crazy document that is reminiscent of films made about the Holocaust” said Native.

The plan is to hold an initial screening for 120 audiences, with the possibility of further screenings depending on the level of interest. Some people who watched the video, including foreign journalists and members of the Israeli Knesset (Israeli Parliament), were reportedly so disturbed by its content that they left the screening.

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Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations Gilad Erdan also arranged for a screening of the video for a select audience including high-ranking ambassadors and diplomats. Erdan said it aimed to raise international awareness of Hamas’s actions, emphasizing that it is a terrorist organization with the goal of Israel’s destruction.

trolls having a ball

Gadot has become the victim of heavy trolling after multiple reports of her plans to release the IDF video surfaced on social media. While some recalled her role as Wonder Woman and used memes from scenes from the film, others criticized the actress for taking sides with Israel.

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Her “Imagine” presentation with fellow Hollywood celebs during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic was also noted to be extremely poorly received; And was also accused of supporting the genocide of Palestinians.


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