Former Congressman George Santos Proves He’s a ‘Barb’ as He Gives Zive Nicki Minaj’s ‘Monster’ Rap

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Former Congressman George Santos Proves He’s a ‘Barb’ as He Gives Zive Nicki Minaj’s ‘Monster’ Rap – Gudstory

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Former representative from New York george santos is a “Barb” (affectionately nicknamed) nicki minaj fans), and he proved it by rapping “Monster.”

Santos, 35, called Minaj a “queen” in a YouTube interview with the comedian zive fumudoh — who goes by his first name only — was asked if he was a fan of the Grammy-nominated rapper. After replying in the affirmative, Ziwe, 31, asked the former congressman to prove it.

“Pull up in the monster automobile…,” Zive began, prompting Santos with lyrics from Minaj’s poem. Kanye West‘s 2010 song “Monster.”

Although he initially refused to participate, saying, “I’m not spitting verses for you,” Santos gave up. “Gangster with a bad bitch from Sri Lanka,” he rapped, ending Minaj’s song before getting into a laughing mood.

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Santos sat down with Ziwe days after he was expelled from the House of Representatives on December 1, when a House Ethics Committee report found “substantial evidence” that he had broken multiple laws. Santos has reportedly been charged with 23 federal charges including identity theft, wire fraud and lying about his campaign finances.

The former congressman reportedly used campaign funds to make purchases at Hermès and OnlyFans, as well as on personal travel and botox. in 2022 New York Post In the interview, he admitted to lying about his background – from being a volleyball star at Baruch College (he never went to college) to his past employment records.

“I’m embarrassed and sorry for making my resume look so beautiful,” Santos said. New York Post, “I own it.”

Watch Former Congressman George Santos Rap Nicki Minaj's Monster To Zive

Since his eviction, Santos has turned to Cameo – a video sharing website where celebrities create personalized videos for a fee – to supplement his income. While he lost his $174,000 salary as a representative, he claimed in a CBS interview earlier this month that he made more money in a week on Cameo than he did in a year as a congressman.

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Her cameos — which have gone viral repeatedly on TikTok — include everything from Santos singing Taylor Swift“I Know You’re Trouble” discussed her Botox and described her story as “her rise from congressman to fallen diva.”

Ziwe, who is known for her outspoken interview style, did not hold back in asking Santos questions. Just 30 seconds into the 17-minute interview, she announced, “Tonight, a clown and a national clown sit down across from each other in a bombshell interview.”

In addition to testing his rapping skills, Zive interrogated Santos about famous civil rights leaders, prompting him to name him a “fraud” in Congress and asking him, “What can we do to make you go away?” Are?”

To the latter question, Santos replied, “Stop inviting me to your events.”


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