Eamonn Holmes admits he will not be buried with wife Ruth as he reveals his funeral plans

 – Gudstory

Eamonn Holmes admits he will not be buried with wife Ruth as he reveals his funeral plans – Gudstory

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Eamonn Holmes recently spoke bravely and candidly about his funeral plans during a podcast with Loose Women’s Colleen Nolan.

The Breakfast star spoke candidly about grief, his family’s looming death toll and his own farewell plans, as well as those of wife Ruth Langsford.

During the discussion, and much to Nolan’s surprise, Eamonn admits that he and his other half do not plan to be buried next to each other when they die.

In fact, Eamon admitted that he would even consider being buried in different countries, given his wish to be cremated in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

“We’ve got a family plot in Belfast where my mum and dad are and there’s room for four other people,” Eamonn told Nolan when they broached the subject of his own funeral.

He added: “Ruth would prefer to remain anonymous in Surrey or anywhere where neither she nor I have any connection, so no one will visit you.”

Eamonn Holmes with Ruth Langsford and GB News co-star Isabel Webster

Eamonn Holmes with Ruth Langsford and GB News co-star Isabel Webster at the 2022 TRIC Awards


Outlining his wife’s wishes, Eamonn added: “She wants to be cremated and I don’t want to be cremated.

“I certainly know my view (from my resting place) – Cave Hill to my right, Belfast Lock to my left…”

“Have you discussed this with Ruth?” Nolan interjected as she was clearly surprised by her Loose Women co-star’s stance on her own departure.

Eamonn confirmed this and when Nolan probed whether any arguments had been offered as a result, Eamonn replied: “No, no, no.

“She doesn’t care – she’s not religious, and she’s not interested in sentimentality or anything like that, she just wants to burn and scatter.”

“Does she want to live with you?” Nolan asked again to which Eamonn replied: “It doesn’t matter.”

Eamonn has been married to Langsford since 2010 and they have a 21-year-old son, Jack.

Showing his dry humor as they continued to discuss his own funeral plans, Eamonn quipped: “If it’s not too much to ask, the bishop officiating, or perhaps the Cardinal, or here No less than a monsignor.

“I won’t wait to attend a state funeral,” he told Nolan, laughing. Nolan encouraged him: “Do you expect a break from work?”

Eamonn, laughing cheerfully, replied: “I would like people on the streets to keep their heads down for at least a mile.”

The husband and wife duo were familiar faces on ITV and one of the nation’s best-loved presenting duos before announcing their departure from This Morning in 2021.

Eamonn continues to entertain viewers on the People’s Channel every morning with Isabel Webster, giving the latest headlines and sharing his views on current affairs, while Langsford continues to front Loose Women.

It’s still no new thing for Langsford to be kept in the queue when Eamonn appears on GB News, however, her husband ridiculously brought the show to a screeching halt a few weeks ago due to a cheeky complaint from his other half Was.

When Eamonn was live on air during a breakfast show in August, Langsford approached him to complain about the height of his chair.

In a ridiculous on-air moment, Eamonn adjusted his seat with the help of the GB News crew and quipped: “Is that OK, Ms Langsford? Is that OK? That meets your requirements?”


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