Crystal Kung Minkoff experiences apparent medical emergency during ‘RHOBH’ cast’s trip to Spain

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Crystal Kung Minkoff experiences apparent medical emergency during ‘RHOBH’ cast’s trip to Spain – Gudstory

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Crystal Kung Minkoff experiences apparent medical emergency during RHOBH cast trip to Spain 095
Trey Patton/Bravo

Crystal Kung Minkoff experienced what appeared to be a medical emergency while real housewives of beverly hills The women were vacationing in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

“I’m getting really sick, you guys,” Crystal, 40, explained. Garcelle Beauvais, kyle richards And sutton stracke During the Wednesday, January 24 episode Roba As the women walked through the winding paths toward the Ermita de la Trinitat church. “You guys, it’s hard for me right now.”

Shortly thereafter, Crystal told producers that she “needs to get out of the car right now.” As told by the producers, the cameras caught her bending over with her hands on her knees annemarie willey, dorit kemsley And Erica Jayne – who were traveling in the other vehicle – that Crystal had become “carsick”.

As Crystal walked back to her car, she extended her hand to Garcelle. “Oh my God Garcelle, look at my veins, they’re popping out,” she said.

Once they reached the destination, Krystle could be heard breathing heavily as she got out of the car and started drinking water.

“All of a sudden, I’m sweating and my veins are popping out,” Crystal told Annemarie (a board-certified nurse anesthetist), who looked at her hands. The cameras zoomed in and viewers saw that Crystal’s hands looked swollen and her veins were visible.

“What’s happening to me? What’s happening?” Crystal asked. Kyle responded, “I’m going to call 911.”

Crystal Kung Minkoff experiences apparent medical emergency during RHOBH cast trip to Spain 096
Emily Schur/Bravo

Women could be seen huddling around Krystle as the episode ended.

“The universe works in mysterious ways,” Kyle said in the episode, addressing Crystal’s health issue. “These two were at each other’s throats last night and right now, Crystal is at Annemarie’s mercy.”

Earlier in the episode, Crystal and Annemarie continued their fight from the previous episode. (Crystal called Annemarie “a bitch” during last week’s installment.)

“Let’s talk about the crystal situation. Crystal and I first met around the holidays at a mutual friend’s house,” Annemarie told the ladies during a full cast dinner. “The first thing Crystal said to me about this group of women was that you women were not intelligent, no one was educated and you were very petty.”

Crystal immediately denied those “ridiculous” claims.

“I wouldn’t say that to someone I just met, I don’t feel that way,” Crystal told the women. Annemarie fired back, telling Crystal to “be honest.”

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“And then you said, the women were ‘fake socialites’ and you were the only true socialite in the group,” Annemarie’s claims about Crystal continued.

“Do I think Crystal could have said that? Yes, I can,” Dorit claimed in her confessional. “What he’s basically saying is that this is my excuse for not being interesting because my IQ is so high. No, you’re boring.”

As the argument continued at the dinner table, Annemarie and Crystal went back and forth while the other women watched.

“You’re behaving like a hormonal teenager,” Annemarie said. “You know what else I want from you? I want to thank you for giving me something to talk about and making your point relevant.

real housewives of beverly hills Airs Wednesdays at 8pm ET on Bravo.


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