Caroline Manzo sues Bravo over alleged sexual assault incident with ‘RHUGT’ costar Brandi Glanville

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Caroline Manzo sues Bravo over alleged sexual assault incident with ‘RHUGT’ costar Brandi Glanville – Gudstory

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Caroline Manzo Taking legal action against Bravo over an alleged incident brandi glanville During production of season 4 Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip,

Manzo, 62, filed the lawsuit against the network and its production companies on Friday, January 26. us weeklyManzo claims that Bravo routinely pressured the show’s stars to drink, “got them severely intoxicated, and then directed, encouraged, and/or allowed them to sexually harass other cast members.” Used to give because it is for good ratings.

In January 2023, it was reported that Manzo, 51, and Glanville moved Ultimate Girls Trip Filming began in Morocco after Glanville allegedly kissed Manzo several times without her consent.

The lawsuit provides more details about the alleged encounter, including Manzo claiming Glanville did not attend a sexual harassment class required of all rugat The cast member and Bravo reportedly did not reprimand Glanville for skipping class prior to filming. Manzo says the alleged incident began when she made a “conscious effort to be kind to Glanville” after an argument during filming.

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During the evening, Glanville allegedly “spread Manzo’s legs and leaned towards Manzo,” after which Manzo moved away from him. “Glanville proceeded to kiss Manzo with her mouth closed. Glanville then kissed Manzo again. Manzo was very uncomfortable,” the doctors say. “Glanville then proceeded to hold Manzo close to his body and sit him on the couch, forcefully squeeze Manzo’s cheeks and put his tongue into Manzo’s mouth while humping him.”

The alleged attack triggered Manzo’s “dormant and terrifying memories” of a sexual assault she suffered when she was 7, causing her to enter a “state of shock,” the documents said.

Glanville allegedly chased Manzo again into the bathroom, pressing “her breasts and vagina against Manzo’s” until Manzo was able to break free. “The defendants were more focused on the continuity of the show rather than Manzo’s health and well-being following the sexual assault,” the documents state.

Caroline Manzo

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Glanville is not listed as a defendant in the lawsuit and previously declared his innocence in a series of tweets dating back to December 2023.

“Producers ask you to do something. And then you get in trouble for it. Manufacturers need to follow the rules,” Glanvilsey wrote x those days. “Producers may not force alcohol down our throats, but they certainly encourage it during the day, even in Morocco, where it is illegal to drink!” Screenshots of the tweets were shown in the lawsuit documents.

us weekly has contacted Bravo regarding the lawsuit. The network had no comment.

Glanville’s legal team responded to Manzo’s lawsuit in a statement We, writing, “Sadly, Brandi has to wake up to another lawsuit that involves defamatory, false allegations about her. During filming, Brandi did what the producers told her, and no sexual harassment occurred. She is innocent of these absurd allegations, which have taken a toll on her mental and physical health for a long time without a single word of support from Peacock, Shade or Bravo.

The statement continued: “This tragic story seems endless and needs to stop. She wants to move on and get her life back.”

In April 2023, Manzo announced that she would “never” return to the Real Housewives franchise following the alleged incident. “It was something I accomplished and was happy to accomplish. I left for a reason,” she said during an interview on the “Two Tees in a Pod” podcast. “I always said I had to go back, it would be a number that would be fiscally irresponsible to walk away from “

Meanwhile, Glanville was hospitalized after collapsing in her home in October 2023. Earlier this month, he had claimed that his health issues were caused by the stress he felt while shooting for the film. rugat Season 4 and her drama with Manzo.

Bravo hasn’t officially put the brakes on Season 4 yet rugatwhich also featured Vicki Gunvalson, eva marseille, Phaedra Park, camille mayor, Alex McCord And Gretchen Rossi, Season 5, which was dubbed Ronnie: LegacyHowever, it began streaming on Peacock after the season 3 finale. At BravoCon in November 2023, andy cohen Denied that season 4 has been cancelled.

“There is all this speculation about [RHUGT season 4], Bravo took the Legacy to the front of the line,” he said Wrap those days. “It’s there, it’s done and I hope everyone sees it soon.”

If you or someone you know has been sexually assaulted, contact the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 1-800-656-HOPE (4673).


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