Carlos PenaVega says wife Alexa PenaVega’s fourth pregnancy is ‘hard’ on him: ‘You lost your best friend’

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Carlos PenaVega says wife Alexa PenaVega’s fourth pregnancy is ‘hard’ on him: ‘You lost your best friend’ – Gudstory

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carlos pena vega and wife alex penavega She’s planning her fourth pregnancy, but it’s not all rainbows and sunshine.

“She’s my best friend. So, I always say, ‘Listen, nine months of pregnancy is hard on wives, but it’s definitely harder on husbands,'” Carlos, 34, exclusively revealed. us weekly on Tuesday, November 28, promoting the couple’s partnership with The Salvation Army.

The Big Time Rush member confessed: “You’ve lost your best friend. And then not only in those nine months, but after those nine months, he’s still missing for a period of time.

Carlos revealed that “we’re all making sacrifices,” to which his wife of 35 years laughed. Ultimately, she agreed with her husband’s assessment of how their dynamics change during each pregnancy and throughout the neonatal period.

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“A lot of women are like, ‘I don’t care, no matter what.’ I’m like, ‘No, she really has to give up a lot,'” Alexa shared exclusively. We, “Husbands have to give up a lot.”

Carlos admitted that he doesn’t sacrifice “as much” as his wife because she is giving birth to their fourth child, but it “definitely” has an impact on some things. “This is a decision we have taken together. We’re excited,” he said. “Thanks for the sacrifice,” Alexa joked.

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The couple, who tied the knot in 2014, announced earlier this month that they are expecting child No. 4. The two have sons Ocean (6) and Kingston (4) and daughter Rio (2).

“Thank God we love adventures 😭😭😭😭😭,” Alexa wrote via Instagram on Nov. 17 along with photos from her maternity shoot. “Oh baby, here we come! Numero cuatro! .

He told that while Alexa has been pregnant before We This round on Tuesday was a bit more trying on his body. “Fortunately, the nausea part is over because that was hard,” she said, noting that she had “some fear at first” in the process.

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“I’m a go, go, go person. We don’t stop, and it’s really forced me to slow down. And with our schedules and having three other kids, it’s been hard for both of us,” Alexa explained. “And we live on a boat half the year. So, a lot of things have happened in this pregnancy that have just made me say, ‘Okay, God, what are you trying to tell me right now?’

To better manage this pregnancy, Alexa has learned to take some breaks. “I’m going to take it easy,” she shared. “I’m going to sit back and protect this baby as best I can and be a little more alert when my body tells me to rest.”

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Alexa’s busy schedule and the needs of pregnancy haven’t stopped her and Carlos from working together with the Salvation Army. it’s never too late to celebrate The costar — who lives in Lahaina, Hawaii — recently worked with the nonprofit to help people affected by the August wildfires in Maui. (Last summer, much of Lahaina was destroyed by brush fires and high winds, with officials estimating 97 deaths and more than $1 billion in property damage.)

“The Salvation Army has been a part of our family for years. I’m sure everyone has seen the red kettlebells in front of Walmart and different places, and it always feels like home to us,” Alexa said. We, “Especially Donating Tuesday I think is a great reminder to everyone how incredible it is to give back. The whole purpose of giving back is not to receive, it is to give, but what an impact it has on your heart, it just expands your heart. And seeing happiness on people’s faces, it seems that there is nothing worth giving. not actually.”

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Carlos, for his part, recalled a touching moment when he and Alexa “got a chance to actually go shopping for the kids and then meet the kids in person” after the Maui disaster. After this the couple gave gifts to their children as well as the children.

“I think for me and especially our kids, it was a really big wow moment. Like, ‘Oh, that’s what it’s all about,'” she recalled. “Not only is this what the Salvation Army is doing, and you are seeing it firsthand, but this is what your giving does.”

Carlos said the organization “works non-stop, no matter what.” When disaster strikes, they appear. they show [up as] An army, literally an army. …They just want to help people.

Visit for more information on how you can give back and help your community.

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