Busy Phillips watched daughter Birdie have a seizure via FaceTime: ‘Something was really wrong’

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Busy Phillips watched daughter Birdie have a seizure via FaceTime: ‘Something was really wrong’ – Gudstory

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Busy Phillips Saw Daughter Birdie Having Seizures Via FaceTime, Realized Something Was Wrong 272

Busy Phillips. Fraser Harrison/Getty Images

busy philippines She recalls the tragic moment she watched her eldest daughter Birdie have a seizure over FaceTime.

Phillips, 44, elaborated on her child’s health concerns during the Wednesday, Dec. 13 episode of her “Busy Phillips Is Doing Her Best” podcast, revealing that she took a FaceTime call from 15-year-old Birdie, who Currently studies in a boarding school. In Sweden, earlier this month.

“I was just kind of mumbling to myself and then I heard sediment [Silverstein] Yelling at me and I was like, ‘What does this f–king guy want now?'” the actress said Wednesday, referring to her ex-husband. “And I went upstairs but then I heard her voice and I knew something was really wrong. And he just said, ‘It’s birdie, it’s birdie.’ He has another stroke. Paramedics are on call.”

Phillips – who also shares daughter Cricket, 10, with Silverstein, 52 – joined his ex-wife in front of the cameras, where they watched paramedics tend to Birdie.

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“She had just come off tour and she was still post-aura. “They were stuffing him in the stuff,” Phillips recalled.[Birdie’s] The dude who was with him was holding the phone so it was like, it was like a weird medium shot. So you could see everything that was happening. So it felt like, this was very strange.

Busy Phillips Saw Daughter Birdie Having Seizures Via FaceTime, Realized Something Was Wrong 271
Courtesy of Busy Phillips/Instagram

girls5eva Star noted that Birdie, who has recently started using her pronouns again, was pointing at the camera and saying “mom.”

“It was really terrifying to see it on the screen in a different country across the ocean,” he said, noting that Birdie had previously suffered seizures when Phillips was working on the film adaptation. mean Girls Musical.

Birdie’s friend Sara had noticed that the teen was choking and vomiting when they went to see a movie in Stockholm, several hours away from their school. A fellow moviegoer immediately called paramedics, who immediately arrived at the scene to provide assistance. While Sarah was trying to contact the school and their dorm parents, Phillips was focused on traveling abroad as soon as possible.

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“I was literally Googling private planes. I said, ‘How much does it cost?’ $100,000? Can I put it on a credit card? How does that work?” he said. “I was like,

‘How do I not know someone with a f–king private plane? I got a chance to hang out with like-minded people. would like Taylor Swift Take me to Sweden right now? “Who knows Taylor Swift?”

Phillips eventually reached Birdie’s bedside after she was taken to a local hospital and shared photos of the ordeal on Instagram on Wednesday.

“Birdie is fine. I’m fine. We’re all going to be okay,” Phillips partially captioned her post. “But it’s been a while. One more year.”


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