Barbra Streisand’s book details ups and downs with mom, ex Elliot Gould and more

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Barbra Streisand’s book details ups and downs with mom, ex Elliot Gould and more – Gudstory

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Barbra Streisand Details Ups and Downs With Ex Elliot Gould's Mom and More Book Revelations 238

Barbra Streisand. Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images

Barbra Streisand Didn’t hold back while writing her long-awaited memoir my name is barbara,

“For forty years, publishers have been asking me to write an autobiography. But I kept turning them down, because I prefer to live in the present rather than dwell on the past,’ Streisand wrote in the introduction. “And the fact is, I’m afraid that after six decades of people making up stories about me, I’m going to tell the truth, and no one will believe it.”

In the book, which was released on Tuesday, November 7, Streisand opened up about her mother, Diana Streisand, not being supportive of her when she was pursuing her breakthrough career in Hollywood. strange girl, In addition to her rise to fame, the EGOT winner opened up about her tumultuous relationship with ex-husband elliot gold even more.

my name is barbara Available now. Keep scrolling to read Barbara’s biggest revelations:

Dealing with comments about her looks

As Barbara rose to fame, the actress faced criticism regarding her appearance. She noted that it felt like her nose was “more pressed” than his. The singer claimed that several unnamed people had told her that she “should get a nose job.” Barbara recalled that on a few occasions in her career she was compared to the “Babylonian Queen” and the “Basset Hound” – which ultimately had a huge impact on her.

“I wish I could say it didn’t affect me, but it did,” she wrote. “Even after so many years, I’m still hurt by the insult and can’t believe the praise.”

Her mother’s disappointment in her pursuing acting

While Barbara knew she was talented, she revealed that her mother warned her that she would not find success because she “didn’t look like those other girls in the movies.”

Barbara confessed, “She was so against my being an actress that it felt strange to me knowing that she was in the audience watching me.” “I was afraid what she would say. And of course, he did not disappoint me. ‘Mom, what did you think?’ He frowned and said, ‘Your arms are very thin.’

During Barbara’s first performance as Fanny Brice strange girlShe revealed that her mother was not there for her opening night performance.

“I grew up without their approval, without any support for my dreams,” she wrote. “I don’t remember him ever complimenting me.”

Barbra Streisand Details Ups and Downs With Ex Elliot Gould's Mom and More Book Revelations 242
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She never dated Barry Deneen

Despite Deneen claiming that she and Barbara had a relationship in the 60s, the actress claimed the pair were merely friends. The pair linked up early in her career and she revealed that Deneen was “one of the first men” who would “pay attention” to her. When he wrote his book in 1997, My Life with Barbara: A Love StoryBarbara confessed that she was “so hurt” that she “had this crazy affair.”

Agreement on change of name

Barbara – whose real name is Barbara – revealed that casting agents suggested she change her name when she was starting out in the industry.

“They wanted something simple…Barbara Strand or Sands…but it felt fake,” she recalled. “Besides, once I become famous how will my old friends know it’s me?”

Instead, Barbara decided to stay true to herself and simply changed the spelling of her first name so she could be “different and unique.”

Barbra Streisand Details Ups and Downs With Ex Elliot Gould's Mom More Book Revelations 241
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Her relationship with Elliott Gould

Barbara admitted that she was not attracted to Gould when they first met, admitting that her relationship with the actor changed and he “became more than a friend” over time. As their relationship progressed, they both wore rings as symbols of their romance. Despite not having a legal ceremony, Elliott described the couple as “spiritually married”.

“I loved Elliot. He was an acquaintance of mine…from Brooklyn, down to earth. But I still wasn’t sure I was ready for marriage,” she wrote. “After all, I was only twenty-one, and he was my first serious boyfriend. I didn’t want this marriage thing to become a big deal.”

However, Barbara changes her mind one day and suggests that they get married. The couple flew to Las Vegas for their wedding. Three years later, Barbara learned that she was pregnant with her and Gould’s son, Jason.

“This news was a shock. Elliot and I had been living together since I was nineteen, and now I was about to turn twenty-four,” she shared. “For years I honestly thought there was something wrong with me, because I had never gotten pregnant. Having a baby seemed like something for other women, not for me.

Gould and Barbara’s relationship began to change as they began to focus more on their careers and spend less time together.

“And the truth is, I don’t think any of us were too upset about the separation. Something had changed between us,” she reflected, adding that she “didn’t miss him as much” as she should after relocating to New York.

Barbara and Gould separated just before the Oscars in 1971 but still attended the event together. The actress said she was “not ready for marriage in 1963” but was “very ready for a legal separation.”

Barbra Streisand Details Ups and Downs With Ex Elliot Gould's Mom and More Book Revelations 237
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landing funny girl

Barba learned that Anne Bancroft was to lead the musical, but when she realized she could not sing the songs she wanted “no part” of the show. carol burnett She was reportedly interested in that role as well but turned it down because it was for “a Jewish girl”.

After being cast, Barbara said she wanted to learn more about who her character, Fanny Brice, was so she could be better portrayed on stage.

He wrote, “Once I read Fanny’s words, I realized that she and I were so much alike that it was almost scary.”

Her fling with Sydney Chaplin

During Funny Girl, Barbara claimed she had an affair with costar Sidney Chaplin, son of Charlie Chaplin. She eventually came out to Gould and ended her relationship with Sydney. However, Barbara alleged that after their breakup, Sydney cursed at her and became unbearable to work with.

“It was becoming a nightmare. Now, every night at 7:30 when I get ready to go, I start having stomach aches,” she wrote. “It wasn’t just the pressure to live up to the audience’s expectations. Now I had to deal with a new enemy…my costar.”

Barbara shared that she considered leaving the show because she started having “panic attacks” but ultimately succeeded.

She said of her final performance, “I knew in my heart that I would never return to the Broadway stage again,” while adding that the experience with Sidney was “very painful.”

Barbra Streisand Details Ups and Downs With Ex Elliot Gould's Mom and More Book Revelations 239

Barbra Streisand. Screen Archives/Getty Images

balancing work and motherhood

while on the set of a star is born, his son visited him during filming. While there, Jason reportedly told Barbara that Gould said she was “working too long” and not seeing enough of their child.

“Wow! It was like stabbing me in the heart. And my crime, which was always hidden, immediately came to light,” he confessed. “I was angry at Elliot for criticizing me in front of our son instead of supporting me.”

Her bond with King Charles III

Barbara shared that she was invited to stay with the monarch at his Highgrove home in 1995, and said he was a “kind host”. The actress also alleged that Charles revealed that he had a poster of her in his room in Cambridge. According to Barbara, the two are still close and have exchanged birthday gifts.

Barbra Streisand Details Ups and Downs With Ex Elliot Gould's Mom and More Book Revelations 240
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fell in love with james brolin

Things changed for Barbara after her friend, who was previously unlucky in love, Christine Peters install with james brolin In 1996. When the pair first met at a dinner party, he criticized her hair and she instantly fell in love with him.

“It was unusual for me to get close to someone so quickly. But Jim wasn’t afraid of me,” he admitted. “Actually, he was very supportive and said, I want to empower you.”

While Brolin knew immediately that he wanted to marry Barbara, he needed more time. The couple eventually got married in July 1998 on the same day they met for the first time.


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