A look at the holiday wish lists for 10 NBA teams

 – Gudstory

A look at the holiday wish lists for 10 NBA teams – Gudstory

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Image for the article titled Are you feeling blue about your NBA team this offseason?  Here's a wish list that's sure to delight you (maybe)

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Regarding Evan Mobley’s offensive game, I expected Things are far along now. However, Mobley maintained his average of 15.5 PPG over three seasons while his attempts per game (12 per game) remained the same. Starting next to Jarrett Allen requires more creativity from Mobley, as the young forward is the more promising of the two. Allen is a classic, bruising center who is a beast on the boards, but is extremely limited offensively outside of shots and shots. Mobley has the size, step, and handle to be the next big thing for Kevin Garnett. It’s not just his horrific perimeter shooting, but also his lack of a post-up or face-off game. Worse still, there are moments when Mobley fades from the offense due to negativity, such as when he took just five shots against the Detroit Pistons, the team he was playing for. He should I took control.


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